Sg Klamah WWII Memorial

Sg Klamah WWII Memorial

Kelamah River Memorial is a World War II memorial in Gemencheh, in the district of Tampin in Negri Sembilan. The marble memorial was named after the nearby Kampung Sungai Kelamah, and is located in the midst of oil palm plantations.

It was built in memory of the Japanese and Australian soldiers in a battle there that took place on 14 January, 1941.

To stall the advancement of the Japanese south, the Australian troops of the 2/30 Battalion blew up the bridge at Sungai Gemencheh. They then ambushed and attacked the Japanese as the troops were passing through Tampin on their way to Gemas.

Today, now that both countries are at peace, a memorial marks the spot where soldiers of both countries gave their lives. The memorial is still being visited by veterans, relatives and descendants of the Australian and Japanese troops. Remnants of the wooden bridge can still be seen on Sungai Gemencheh.

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